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Search Engine Marketing

Paid Inclusions

Some search engines allow customers to pay to be included in their search results. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, you do not bid on keywords in a paid inclusion campaign. Instead, the search engine spiders your site and gives your domain an artificially high relevance. This allows a new web site to become well ranked quickly and allows an SEO firm to perform optimization tests on a more rapid schedule.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

At face value, pay-per-click advertising simply allows a user to bid on advertising space found on the search results pages of popular search engines. Our firm manages these advertising campaigns by selecting the appropriate key phrases and monitoring the click through rate, conversion rate and bid value. Then we make adjustments to the campaigns as necessary to optimize the value of the ad run. Unlike optimization which can take 6 months before search engines find/rank your site, pay-per-click ads provide immediate placement on the results pages.