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Web Design & Content Management

Web Design Services

A potential customer's first impression of your web site is directly influenced by the artistic design (or look and feel) of your home page. Many times, this first impression is the single most important factor in determining whether or not that person becomes your customer. The Internet is a level playing field for small and large businesses, so a professionally designed web site can make a small company look like a billion dollar company. Your artistic design dictates how customers perceive your company.

Information Design

The golden rule of web design: "The reason people are on the Internet is to acquire or exchange information." The information might be the price of a product, directions to the bank or the score of the Phillies game. Making a purchase on an e-commerce site is a way of exchanging information. Any way you cut it, itís all about information. This is why usability design is just as important as artistic design.

At Myers Commerce Solutions, we focus on User Interface Design (UID) from various angles. For example, imagine the checkout on an e-commerce web site. The checkout typically has many pages to gather the customer's billing address, shipping address and payment information. Throughout the checkout process the user must click a button on each page to continue to the next step. To make sure the user can find that button on each page, we check for consistency in size, color and position throughout the checkout. This gives the user subliminal acknowledgment that she is going the right way. MCS pays close attention to simple matters like this to make sure the overall site has a high level of usability.

SEO by Design

If Search Engine Optimization is part of your company's online marketing strategy, the best place to start is within the code of your web site. The designers at MCS are trained in building highly optimized web pages, so optimization is part of the plan from the first paper sketches through to the final upload to your server.

Content Management

There are probably places on your web site where you wish you could update the text and images yourself. Maybe you have a photo gallery where you post images from nightly events. Perhaps it's a press releases page that you want to keep up to date with your company's latest publications. Whatever your needs are, our CMS system will adapt to manage your content efficiently.

Multi-Language Web Design

If your company reaches out to customers from around the globe, we can create a multiple language web site for you. Our multi-language technology can be used in an e-commerce environment, in conjunction with our CMS or within Flash web sites. Our technology handles the differing text encodings and lingual glyphs with ease. Plus, we can offer language specific reporting within MCS Analytics.

On-Demand Web Design Services

Our Content Management System makes your web site easy to update. You can make changes to your web site whenever you like. But if your company is like many others, you donít always have the time or resources to get it done. That's where on-demand web design services come in. If you don't have the time to get that new press release up on the site, send us an e-mail -- "Please put this Press Release up on our site before the end of the day today." You can mark if off your list, because it's as good as done. We're here to help, on-demand.

Follow-Up Service

You probably have an idea of how often you'd like your web site to be updated. Press releases page, once a month. News page, weekly. Manufacturing reports, quarterly. Do you know who within your organization will make sure it gets done? If they don't get it done, will someone notify you? Take the guesswork out of web site updates by using our follow-up service. We set up a plan in advance, outlining which pages should get updated and when. Then, when the time comes for those updates to take place, we execute the plan, contact the people within your organization, get the data, make the updates on your web site and notify you when it's done. You can sleep well knowing we're going to get it done right, every time.