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Web & E-mail Hosting

Web Site Hosting

At Myers Commerce Solutions, we build robust web sites that have real marketing impact. But your web site is no good if it's not online. That's why we put so much into making sure our servers are online... 100% of the time. Our servers are powerful Unix machines, connected directly to the backbone of the Internet in Virginia. At MCS, it's all about uptime.

E-Mail Hosting

In recent years, the infrastructure of the average business has changed dramatically. Most employees now rely more on their e-mail than they do the telephone to communicate. This isn't surprising, considering the growth of the Internet in the past decade. Plus, many people want to access their e-mail from many different places, on many different computers. Our e-mail system is built to accommodate these needs, and never miss a message, ever.

Services Included

Every MCS Web Hosting Account Includes:

  • Web Hosting, Control Panel
  • PHP & MySQL
  • 24/7, 100% uptime
  • 500 E-mail Accounts
  • Spam & E-mail Filters
  • 500 FTP Accounts
  • Fast Tech Support
  • MCS Web Conceirge Service
  • MCS On-demand Web Services
  • MCS Control Panel for Do-it-yourself configuration changes (Or we'll do it for you, your choice)
  • Access to your e-mail via web browser from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Redundant mail servers to ensure every message is received.
  • You can set-up your own e-mail addresses, and we'll teach you how. (Or we'll do it for you, your choice)

Domain Registration

Allow Myers Commerce Solutions to register your domain name, and we'll make sure it's done right. We guarantee that your domain name will be registered in your name, and that you own that domain name, not us. We also make sure your domain is protected so other companies can't hi-jack it.